Croatian Traditional Design CroClutchLet - Četiri Srca (Four Hearts)

🇭🇷 Introducing the "CroClutchLet" 🇭🇷

The Croatian Pattern Clutch that fits your Tablet!

Are you wanting a way to show off a touch of Croatia, while being classy and stylish at the same time? The "Četiri Srca (Four Hearts)" clutch will add that extra dimensions to your outfit. Our customers tell us that passersby stop them to ask about the pattern of their clutch to which they proudly explain it is a traditional Croatian pattern from the Zagreb area. What a beautiful story to be able to tell the world! 

What fits in the clutch:

We've created a larger clutch so that it can be used for a few different purposes:

  • Fit your everyday essentials: phone, wallet, keys, make-up
  • Work or School essentials: fit's most tablets and iPad's and a few necessities. We do recommend having your tablets in a thin durable case (see photos for examples)
  • Mixed cotton woven material
  • comes with NEW Custom Croatian Red, White and Blue Tassel
  • inside lined
  • dimensions of ~26 cm width , 21 cm height
  • zipper closure with tassel
  • made in Croatia
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Each order comes in our new reusable Uppermoda packaging. 

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