From lavish statement necklaces to minimalist fine jewellery, we have something for you. All necklaces are Made in Croatia.

One of our most popular Modern Croatian Necklaces is the Licitarsko Srce Heart Necklace handmade in Croatia. It comes ready to wear on a chain and perfectly represents Croatia in a modern way.

Our luxe statement necklaces are individually handcrafted and are perfect for a professional look, an event or to accentuate an everyday look. From necklaces with semi-precious stones to hand cut brass with burgundy tassels; this range is sure to make a statement. This range also includes one-of-a-kind feminine statement necklaces made from nautical rope which is hand-stitched & hand-dyed individually. They are paired with semi-precious stones and other embellishments for a gorgeous look. One of our most popular nautical rope necklaces is the Santorini Summer!

The fine minimalist necklaces are perfect for those looking for something elegant, feminine and simple. Necklaces come with stones or pendants and come in silver, gold plated silver or rose gold plated silver.

Whichever you choose, you are wearing a bit of Croatia!