Every woman needs one of these in her wardrobe. Can you guess what it is?

Every woman needs one of these in her wardrobe. Can you guess what it is?

October 03, 2016

At Uppermoda we searched far & wide for a designer in Croatia who uses premium natural leather and has a passion for their work. Introducing Mucca bags, their range exclusive to uppermoda in Australia & NZ.

How long have you been making handbags?

For a long time now I had an urge to show fresh and timeless designs, but only over the last four years have I succeeded in turning my ideas into actual designer pieces. It took a lot of courage and thoughtful planning.

That is how the Mucca brand was created. Everyone asks me what inspired the name of the brand and here is the answer. Mucca is our daughter Antonija’s nickname and we have been calling her that since she was born.


What is the inspiration behind your handbags?

It is not hard to find inspiration if one loves balance, simple lines and timeless elegance. With each new Mucca model I strive to make women feel elegant and sensual.


Featured: Baby Rose Tasnica Leather Handbag

What is your favourite piece of work & why?

It is hard for me to choose my favourite Mucca design, because each one has a story and they are all equally dear to me. Tašnica, Big Mama, Beguša, Monkey Bag, Summer & Mucca Glam are all parts of an extensive Mucca collection and I feel strongly about all of them.


Why did you decide to take up a career as a designer?

My career as a designer is marked by my passion for fashion and love of design.
Though I have a degree in Administrative Law and work as a key account manager in our family firm, my passion for design has now become a serious and demanding job and the successful brand I have created is now showing continual progress and its popularity is growing.


How do you select the materials?

Every Mucca bag is made from top-quality Italian leather. The colour and structure of the leather is carefully selected for each model. Every model requires the use of a special type of natural leather.

Luxury Ivory Croco Monkey Bag

What are your plans for the future?

Since the Mucca brand is continually growing and winning in new markets, the plan is to continue that trend even more aggressively. Also, new Mucca designs are ready to make new fashion statements and tell a wonderful story of fashion.

Featured: Coral Tasnica Leather Handbag


Check out the collection of Mucca leather handbags from Uppermoda here.

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