Stand out with our Limited Edition Men's, Women's & Kid's Bow Ties

Stand out with our Limited Edition Men's, Women's & Kid's Bow Ties

February 01, 2017

We found the perfect fashion accessory to compliment your style and make you stand out at your next event, meeting or date. Our bow ties come in a variety of patterns ranging from polka dots to pineapples. Our men's, women's & kid's bow ties are designed and handmade in Croatia by our passionate designers.

Did you know that the Bow Tie was invented by Croatians to hold together the opening of their shirts. Here we take you behind the scenes and introduce Marija & Vanesa, the two creative minds behind Tie me bow ties who are keeping this Croatian tradition alive.


Tell us more about the team behind Tie Me?
Tie me started as a project during college by three friends (Katarina, Marija & Vanesa).  Although today there are just two of us, Tie me has continued to grow as a brand. What started as a hobby has turned out to be a great and successful career. 

How did you learn how to sew?
We learned by ourselves with a little bit of help from our mothers and aunts. You Tube was also there when we needed some guidance.  But when you have your heart set on something it is not so difficult to learn.

Describe your creative process?
We don’t need much to start thinking about new things. Just give us a piece of fabric and we will get to work.  Usually we are already thinking ahead, so when we work on a new creation, we are already talking about how to improve it or how to make something completely different. We always brainstorm, then work on creating a sample and continuing to improve it before the completed piece is ready for customers. 

What is the best thing about being a designer?
The best thing for us is being able to create something from scratch on our own. It allows us to be creative and gives us the opportunity to work with different people and on different projects.

What are your plans for the future?

We have lots of plans. The most important one is creating a new product line of ties which we believe is a natural step forward. One of the newest areas in our field is digital print which we have used to make a few limited collections. In this area our designs get printed on fabric making it unique and available only for our customers. In time, the plan is to make all of our fabrics on our own therefore making the product even more special.

How do you recommend to care for your bow ties?
Regarding the ‘technical’ care, we recommend not washing the bow ties since they lose their shape. They can be ironed slightly if there is need. But other than that, there is no special treatment. You should just take care of them as you do your other fashion accessories.


Find the links below to our range of Bow Tie's and start standing out from the crowd today.

  Men's Maroon Polka Dot Bow Tie at Uppermoda Women's Bow Ties at Uppermoda

 Shop Men's & Kid's Bow Tie's or Shop Women's Bow Tie's


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