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Our Autumn Fashion Trend Pick - Baroque Cross Earrings!

by Michael Hadusek March 26, 2017

Do you consider yourself to be a trend spotter? Have you got the latest fashion accessory before anyone else. Here at Uppermoda, we aim to provide you with the latest fashion trends to ensure you stand out from the crowd!

Our Autumn fashion pick are embellished baroque cross earrings! Yes, you may think we are going out on a limb here however it’s actually a trend you can find on many celebrities and style icons who have been wearing them for a few years now.  


Helen Mirren in 2013 wearing a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana red lace dress paired with a beautiful pair of embellished cross earrings (designer unknown)

Helen Mirren wearing statement cross earrings


Kourtney Kardashian wearing Dolce & Gabbana Cross Earrings

 Kourtney Kardashian wearing cross earrings - earrings available at Uppermoda


Katy Perry Wearing gold statement cross earrings in her Unconditionally music video

 Katy Perry wearing cross earrings


Karlie Kloss & Andreea Diaconu wearing Dolce & Gabbana’s baroque cross earrings

Andreea Diaconu wearing Dolce & Gabbana's baroque cross earrings.jpg   

 Dolce & Gabana Cross Earrings


In fact the trend of cross jewellery has been seen everywhere. Just look at Kendall Jenner wearing a Jacquie Aiche Triple Cross Choker ($2,040 USD)

Kendall Jenner Cross Choker


Although some may think wearing cross earrings are somewhat gothic-inspired and others may see it as a sign of religion, at Uppermoda, we like to bring you the latest fashion trends. We have a a few styles available and the good news is that it won't cost you hundred or even thousands of dollars!

It’s the latest trend for those confident enough to pull it off!  

Uppermoda Cross Earrings - Rome

Uppermoda Large Baroque Cross Earrings

Uppermoda Cross Earrings - Florence


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Helen Mirren article from the Daily Mail

Vogue France Jewellery Obsession of the day 

Michael Hadusek
Michael Hadusek


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