No Sugar Needed - Our favourite coffee places in Karlovac, Croatia

No Sugar Needed - Our favourite coffee places in Karlovac, Croatia

January 29, 2018

** Updated in April 2018 with new cafes you must try in Karlovac ***

Coming from Sydney, Australia we are spoilt for choice when it comes to great tasting coffee. Researching the best coffee in the city is not required as you can pretty much get a good coffee anywhere.

Being self-confessed coffee ‘snobs’ and visiting other countries, we have to do our research first and aim to find a cafe that is highly rated or one that expresses an interest in coffee. This is one of our favourite activities and ways to travel through different cities.

In Australia, our typical order begins with a latte before we move onto a 3/4 latte as our second coffee. If we are feeling a bit adventurous, we order Flat Whites, a type of coffee originating from Australia and very similar to a latte. So we like our coffees to be consistent so we can appreciate different coffee bean flavours.

My test if the coffee is good, is if I need to add sugar to it. In Australia, I typically never add sugar, however in most European coffee shops I need to adjust the bitter taste with a dash of sugar.

We’ve been to Croatia several times, however since this is the first time we can take our time and try out different cafe’s we thought we would give you the in’s and out’s of the best coffee shops we have found so far in our Karlovac, Croatia adventure.

Oh one thing to note, if you are a non-smoker (like we are), get used to people smoking both inside and outside cafes. It’s typical and pretty common that someone will be smoking right next to you while you enjoy your coffee. This is something I continue to get used to. 

Here is our list of great places to get a good coffee (and the worst coffee) in Karlovac, Croatia.

Holy Donut

If you are looking for a family friendly hipster place for a coffee and delicious donut, this is your place! It opened up only a few weeks ago and we have been back several times. It is evident that they care not only about their donut's, coffees and drinks on offer, but the vibe and environment of their cafe! Trust me, you will love this place!

Price: An iced coffee is 10 Kuna and a donut is 6 Kuna

 Uppermoda's Recommendations of the Top Cafes in Karlovac, Croatia
Uppermoda's Recommendations of the Top Cafes in Karlovac, Croatia
Uppermoda's Recommendations of the best cafes in Karlovac, CroatiaUppermoda's Recommendations of the best cafes in Karlovac, Croatia

Aquatika Caffe Bar

Michael and I recently tried this cafe which is attached to the Aquarium. They have an excellent deal of a coffee and cedevita all for 13 Kuna. Not only is it a good deal, the coffee is excellent! The baristas have perfected their latte art and take pride in their coffees. 

We love sitting out on the terrace, listening to music and working on our computers using their excellent Wi-Fi. 

Highly Recommend!

Uppermoda Cafe Recommendations in Karlovac, Croatia

Photo Source: Aquatika Cafe Facebook

Uppermoda's Top Cafe Recommendations for Karlovac, Croatia


Lana Korana

Uppermoda's Favourite Cafe's in Karlovac, Croatia

Photo Source: Lana Korana Facebook Page

Uppermoda's Coffee Recommendations for Karlovac,Croatia

Photo Source: Me :) 

Koransko setaliste 6

This is one of our favourite places to relax, unwind and warm up in the winter time. We like this place because of 3 main reasons.

The first is that the interior of the restaurant is comfortable, grand and adds a bit of a premium feel to the experience. The comfortable chairs and wood interior makes it for a cosy lodge feel.

Secondly, the view of the Korana river is beautiful. We can imagine that in the summer time it would be even more beautiful as we can sit out on the terrace and have a much better view of the Korana river.

Last but of course not least, is the coffee. We found the coffee here to be consistent, although a bit more pricey than other coffee shops we found in Karlovac, this is the perfect place to go if you want to have a long relaxing coffee while feeling comfortable and also having a beautiful view.

Lana Korana also offers Free Wi-Fi and clean bathrooms. 

Price: A veliki kava s mlijekom (the closest thing we can find to a latte) costs 11 Kuna


Papa's Bar

Uppermoda recommendations for best cafes in Karlovac, Croatia 

Photo Source: Me :) 

Šetalište dr. F.Tuđmana 1

This has been one of our favourite cafes to visit for a few years now when we go to Karlovac. It’s particularly beautiful in the warmer months with the outside terrace being a perfect place to enjoy a coffee and people watch. Looking out to the park, this is a perfect place to unwind and relax. The coffee here was also decent, however I needed to add a tiny bit of sugar to take the edge off. They offer free WiFi, which is perfect for those wanting to do a bit of work while enjoying a good coffee.

Price: A veliki kava s mlijekom (the closest thing we can find to a latte) costs 8 Kuna


Ziggy’s Bar

Ul. Petra Preradovića 4

This was one of the first places we visited when arriving to Karlovac. What looks more like a bar actually serves decent coffee! They also offer Free WiFi and dogs are allowed inside the venue.

A “latte”, veliki kava s mlijekom costs 8 Kuna


Trg bana Petra Zrinskog 10

 Uppermoda's recommendations of best Karlovac, Croatia.

Photo Source: Lana Centar

Located on the main Korzo, Lana Centar offers Franch’s coffee. We sat indoors during a cold winter’s day and really enjoyed ourselves. The interior was nicely decorated and had comfortable seating. I think I only needed very little sugar in my coffee to really enjoy it. Free WiFi and good coffee, we will definitely come back.

A “latte”, veliki kava s mlijekom costs 10 Kuna

The Best Part: this cafe also has seating inside the main area of the Lana Centar and has extremely clean bathrooms!


Ray’s Bar

Ul. Ivana Gundulića 2

Uppermoda's recommendations for the best coffee in Karlovac, Croatia  Uppermoda's recommendations for the best coffee in Karlovac, Croatia

Located on the main korzo in Karlovac, Ray’s Bar proudly indicates that they serve Lavazza coffee. On a sunny winter’s day we decided to give it a go as they had what looked like comfortable outdoor heated seating. We are so happy we gave it a go! Our first coffee looked and tasted like a latte we would get back home! We were so happy that within 20 minutes we ordered a second. Ray’s Bar is always crowded with locals from students to families, this is the place to be. They offer Free Wi-Fi and both indoor and outdoor seating even in the winter’s months.

Price: A “latte”, veliki kava s mlijekom costs 9 Kuna


Now For the WORST Coffee....I will keep this cafe Nameless.

Location: At the Main Karlovac Bus Stop

Uppermoda's recommendations of the best coffee shops in Karlovac, Croatia

I like to keep our blogs upbeat and positive, however I feel it is my duty to ensure that you have a great coffee experience in Karlovac if you ever come to this beautiful city. So I must warn you that the worst coffee I ever had in my life was here. We won’t name the cafe, however it is one of the cafes located in the main Karlovac bus terminal. We thought we would give it a go as it looked like a new hip cafe with descent branding and a great coffee offer of 7 kunas. Our coffee was so bad that sugar couldn’t save it. I could only drink 1/4 of it and had to leave it behind and give the excuse that we had to catch the bus. Who knows, it could have been the barista that day or that particular coffee that was terribly made, however it’s definitely tainted my willingness to try it again.

If you have any other cafe recommendations let us know!   


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