Inspiration and Process behind Making the Custom Zagreb Hearts T-Shirt

Inspiration and Process behind Making the Custom Zagreb Hearts T-Shirt

January 09, 2019

It was our vision to make the Croatian Licitar Wearable

Zagreb holds a special place in my heart! 

As many of you know, Michael’s family is from Karlovac which is roughly 50 minutes southwest of Zagreb. While we lived in Karlovac, Michael and I visited Zagreb at least 3-4 times per week as we love the vibe of the city, trendy restaurants and hipster cafes. I quickly grew to love this ever-growing city which holds a special place in my heart.

Zagreb photos by Uppermoda    

To honour our love for this city, we created an Uppermoda designed and custom-made Zagreb Hearts (Licitar) T-Shirt. Our inspiration came from the Croatian tradition of making gingerbread cookies which can be found particularly around this time of the year when Advent is on. We actually attempted to make these beautiful Licitars to hang on our Christmas Tree.

 Uppermoda Making Licitars 

With so many variations of Licitars around Zagreb and Croatia, we decided to create our own varieties, however still stay true to this beautiful Croatian handicraft.

Part of the design process

Croatian Licitar Hearts Sketching in Progress by Uppermoda


We then worked with a graphic designer in Karlovac to bring these beauties to life!

Croatian Licitar Hearts by Uppermoda

You Chose the Final Design

With so many ways to design this shirt, we held a Facebook competition to get your feedback on which one you liked the most! Thanks for your feedback!

Croatian T-Shirt Designs by Uppermoda

You Chose Option B 

Making the Zagreb Heart (Licitar) Wearable

We created a custom made 100% Cotton, red ringer, loose fitting t-shirt as we wanted this to be comfortable and modern. We then worked with our printing partner to put the licitars onto each t-shirt. 

The inspiration, design & creation of our Zagreb Hearts Licitar T-Shirt is 100% Croatian. #madeinCroatia It was a 3 month process from initial sketches to producing a final t-shirt. It’s important to us to ensure quality and uniqueness so that you, our customer, wear Croatia proudly!

Croatian T-Shirt - Custom Made Zagreb Hearts T-Shirt

 Uppermoda Croatian T-Shirts, Zagreb Hearts T-Shirts

We hope you love it!

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